Our team

Marcin Lutyński holds the position of an extraordinary professor at the Silesian University of Technology, specializing in the area of Clean Coal Technologies, CO2 capture and storage, mineral sorbents and the use of waste in the closed cycle economy and coal gasification technology.

Jakub Szałatkiewicz has a postdoctoral degree in engineering. He specializes in the automation of technological processes, development and improvement of technology. Experienced in managing, coordinating and developing R&D projects. He also has 10 years of experience in the mechanical engineering industry, developing specialized production, testing and quality assurance equipment for various clients (KGHM, Jabil, AEON, MHPSE).

Jacek Węglarczyk is a retired employee of the Silesian University of Technology. He was an adjunct at the Department of Mineral Processing and Waste Utilization. He is an auditor of management systems, among others quality, environment, health and safety, energy, co-author of PN-ISO 14001, consultant of over 120 implementations of environmental management systems in the country and abroad (Czech Republic, Lithuania, Sweden), environmental auditor in over 80 companies in the country and abroad (Belarus, Denmark, Lithuania) and co-author of two patents regarding the processing of solid minerals.

Tomasz Siudyga works at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Silesia in Katowice. He is the laureate of several international and national awards for technological solutions in the area of chemical industry and environmental protection.

Wojciech Urbańczyk has a Master’s degree – an engineer in the field of Chemical Technology with the specialization of Carbochemistry and Clean Coal Technologies.

Kamila Olczak has a Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering with a specialization in Chemical and Process Engineering

Sylwia Lutyńska holds a PhD in Hydrogeochemistry. Environmental specialist.