The company Cobant has a research laboratory, which is equipped with a modern strength and compression machine, used to determine the strength parameters of the material and to prepare samples for calorimetric tests. In addition, the laboratory has an elemental analyzer, a laser grain size analyzer and a calorimeter used to determine calorific value, i.e. to measure the heat of combustion and calorific values in laboratory conditions, as well as precision scales and a moisture analyzer for measuring the moisture content of material samples. There is also a sulfur meter necessary to determine sulfur content in the tested materials. In addition to specialized measuring equipment, the laboratory also has the necessary computer equipment along with specialized software.

Fig. 1. Elemental analyzer (CHNS) – ThermoScientific-FlashSMART

Fig. 2. Laser particle size analyzer in the water environment – FRITSCH

Fig. 3. Calorimeter Precision BIT KLMn12

Fig. 4. Muffle furnaces up to 1000°C – CZYLOK