We focus on excellence in every sector of our business, for this reason we place great emphasis on research. For this purpose, we have employed scientifically qualified personnel who perform a wide range of services, such as observing, data analysis, testing prototypes and preparing business solutions. As part of our resources we have the most modern laboratory, equipped with highly specialised equipment for testing as well as a very well-equipped workshop which we use for creating prototypes. Thanks to this, each study is subjected to an in-depth analysis and detailed expert consultation while maintaining the confidentiality of the information provided. We work with scientists from university research centres as well as with many organisations that support the development of science, which includes the Silesian University of Technology with the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Electrochemistry.


Passion to guarantee the birth of revolutionary ideas


Sustanible development as a key to creating unique results


Innovative solutions and products to meet consumer expectation


We focus on modern methods of conducting R&D works, analyses, creating reports and business simulations. We carry out industrial research, development works with strong support of scientific entities, as well as perform analyses, expert opinions and market research The combination of traditional scientific values and modern analytical solutions gives opportunities that no other research centre in Poland has to offer.

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We closely monitor the market and its needs using a wide range of data acquisition methods. We analyse them in detail and, consequently, provide a valuable opinion on which we can work together to build a product development strategy. We are well aware of the potential consumers and their opinions, and we know from which side the competition comes to them. Together we are improving this path or choosing a completely new one.

We know how to ask the question to help us look at the issue from a broader perspective, but we also like to look for answers. We can soberly assess the risk and assess the degree of success of the investment.

We do not recreate the methods that have already been developed, but we rely on the original ideas of our R&D specialists. In order to manufacture our products, we use the best materials designed for this purpose and therefore consumers are aware that they have received a premium product.

We constantly cooperate with qualified research and development staff, which provides a wide range of services for us. It belongs to its circle:

Paweł Woszczyk is the director of Control of Technological Processes at our company, he has higher education in the field of Electrical Engineering with the specialty Electrical Power Engineering. He completed post-graduate studies in the field of safety, hygiene and environmental protection at the College of Environmental Protection in Radom and in the field of Project Management at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Jacek Węglarczyk is a retired employee of the Silesian University of Technology. He was an adjunct at the Department of Mineral Processing and Waste Utilization. He is an auditor of management systems, among others quality, environment, health and safety, energy, co-author of PN-ISO 14001, consultant of over 120 implementations of environmental management systems in the country and abroad (Czech Republic, Lithuania, Sweden), environmental auditor in over 80 companies in the country and abroad (Belarus, Denmark, Lithuania) and co-author of two patents regarding the processing of solid minerals.

Marcin Lutyński holds the position of an extraordinary professor at the Silesian University of Technology, specializing in the area of Clean Coal Technologies, CO2 capture and storage, mineral sorbents and the use of waste in the closed cycle economy and coal gasification technology.

Jan Szpyrka is the deputy head of the Department of Mineral Processing and Utilization of Waste at the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the Silesian University of Technology. He is also the vice-chairman of the Technical Committee of the Polish Committee for Standardization No. 226 for the Mechanical Processing of Coal. In addition, he is a member of the Mining Commission in the Mineral Processing Section operating at the Polish Academy of Sciences Division in Katowice. As an author and co-author, he published 1 monograph, 20 scientific publications in national periodicals and delivered 14 papers at international and national conferences. He is also the author and co-author of over 100 scientific and research works for the industry in the field of mineral processing.

Tomasz Siudyga works at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Silesia in Katowice. He is the laureate of several international and national awards for technological solutions in the area of chemical industry and environmental protection.

Robert Jagodziński holds a PhD in management (DBA), specializing in the field of project and human resources management and enterprise engineering. Has many years of experience as an energy efficiency specialist and closed-loop waste management.

Wojciech Urbańczyk has a master's degree - an engineer in the field of Chemical Technology with the specialization of Carbochemistry and Clean Coal Technologies. From 2014, he is a PhD student at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Silesian University of Technology. 


The company Cobant has a research laboratory, which is equipped with a modern strength and compression machine, used to determine the strength parameters of the material and to prepare samples for calorimetric tests. In addition, the laboratory has an elemental analyzer, a laser grain size analyzer and a calorimeter used to determine calorific value, i.e. to measure the heat of combustion and calorific values in laboratory conditions, as well as precision scales and a moisture analyzer for measuring the moisture content of material samples. There is also a sulfur meter necessary to determine sulfur content in the tested materials. In addition to specialized measuring equipment, the laboratory also has the necessary computer equipment along with specialized software.

Fig. 1. Elemental analyzer (CHNS) - ThermoScientific-FlashSMART Fig. 2. Laser particle size analyzer in the water environment - FRITSCH
Fig. 3. Calorimeter Precision BIT KLMn12 Fig. 4. Muffle furnaces up to 1000°C - CZYLOK

Cobant also has a 150 m2 workshop, equipped with a number of advanced machines. We have a sheet metal punching machine with pneumatic drive, which allows us to punch sheets of the required thickness. The lathe machining centre is used to give the elements a certain shape, dimensions and roughness of the surface. The horizontal machining centre is used for fast and precise processing of complex workpieces using drilling, milling, threading and reaming on one machine - the change of tools for performing these tasks is automated. A milling machine is also available for machining flat and contoured surfaces such as grooves, threads and gears. The workshop is also equipped with a compressor and a set of tools, including the necessary equipment, such as a grinder, table drill, ratchet wrenches, long and short flat-eye wrenches, turnbuckles, rectifiers, magnets, mirrors, pendants, soldering iron, nitrile.