We are pleased to inform that by the decision of the Polish Society for Circular Economy, COBANT obtained a certificate confirming the company's activity in accordance with the principles of circular economy.

According to Cobant, real entrepreneurship is only achieved when it's is accompanied by constant development, satisfaction and good fun.


We like to participate in the implementation of innovative initiatives, unconventional ideas and large, modern technological projects. In our own way, we are also realising our own childhood dreams. We operate on the simple assumption that nothing is impossible, that’s why we can be found everywhere where pioneering visions are being realised.

We have been operating on the market since 2014, carrying out research and developmental activities utilising modern research methods and techniques in order to test prototypes, analyse market needs and create business simulations.

As part of our tender offer we provide comprehensive support for strategic stages of enterprise development, consisting in establishing cooperation with the academic environment as well as scientific institutions. The scope of our activities also includes devising an effective strategy and development, creation of innovations, implementation of revolutionary solutions including the commercialisation of knowledge.

The recipients of our services are enterprises operating in various sectors which have a considerable impact on the innovation of the entire economy. These recipients own plants with well-qualified staff and have technologically advanced machine parks. Bearing in mind a continuous development of operations, we provide these companies with the best solutions, both technologically and product oriented, bringing them closer to success in the world of innovation. We also maintain partnership relations with clients who have production plants on the international market, giving us an unprecedented opportunity to distribute our services abroad.